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Our Support Team

President:            WA3CPO Gary Blacksmith, MD 

Vice President:     KA3AAA Terry Phillips 

Secretary:            KA3ECQ Terry Ash

Treasurer:            KA3ECQ Terry Ash

Past President:      K3SZX  Alan Abt

Trustee:                KA3AAA Terry Phillips 

Member at large:   WA3MMD Bob Kurtinecz

Member at large:   N3JQM  Neil Shatto

Member at large:   AA3T   Nick Rylatt

Alternates:            KA0JQO Kevin Maglouglin

                             KB3RRV Mike Brulo

                             K3DRE  Doug Evans

Web Master:          N3PRO  Dave Hoffman

IRLP Committee:    KA0JQO Kevin Maglauglin

                             N3PRO  Dave Hoffman

RACES team:              KB3KLE Martin Gutekunst

Public Relations:    W3KB Keith Beebe

Recruitment:         KZ3J Curtis Zell

Newsletter Editor:  W3HUP Roger Urban

Have a desire to serve, have a skill you think we can use, let us know we are always looking for a few new members of our support team.  Fill out the contact form.

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